Saturday, September 17, 2011

It was like the hot girl cellphone of garage sales!

I left around 12:30 today to go buy groceries and didn't make it to the store. At one point I was down to 3 cents because I'd used my meter change from the car to buy a splatter guard!

$4 - All the True Blood books and an oversized platter

$3 Reebok exercise top because I've lost 10 pounds and now think I am "sporty"
$1.50 - Glass vase that reminded me of Seattle

$1 Citronella candle for my next DR trip

$2 - I don't know anything about pool but I think I'm missing a 12? Also pool balls are really heavy! I am going to decorate with them somehow.

.10 - .50 each, books for my niece

I wish I knew about Tupperware, old glass and Pyrex cause this sale was full of it! It all belonged to some 40 year old guy's mom and grandma.

$3 - Mary Poppins dvd for Swap a Dvd
.25 Marley & Me audio book cause I thought it was the one on HIMYM
.25 Some Danielle Steele book on cd
.10 wood ladle
.50 splatter guard
$1 glass rectangular dish with lid for freezing leftovers
$2 Pyrex container with lid
.25 new small enough yellow trash to fit in my bathroom!!!
.25 each - 3 cookbooks and a George Carlin book (RIP)

Update: I went back to the sale the next day

I went to an atm so I could buy this $40 Guess wool coat. The guy works at Guess and was selling a ton of coats. By the time I got back the sale was over but I ran the doorbell and they sold it to me.

Unlike last year's sale this one has a right side up tag. The collar also unbuckles, which is ridiculous because I am all about warmth!

What a great day! In the end it started raining and I was hungry so I came home. Grocery shopping can wait.


Andrea @Oasis Accents said...

Looks like you got some great scores!

Helen and her Daughters said...

I love the wool coat, it's gorgeous!

Kim@todayismysome-day said...

Awesome that you got that coat even after the sale was over! Never hurts to ask...