Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home Depot Wood & Faux Wood Blinds up to 70% off

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I swapped out my kitchen's old plastic mini blinds for the "designview Premium 31 In. x 72 In. Arctic White Premium Faux Wood Blind. " They were $20.94 each with free shipping.

My brother had bad experiences with three different Home Depot "faux wood" blinds but I am hoping since these are a different brand they wont' break. The warranty doesn't cover the mechanical parts and he said when he took them in-store to "wtf!?" they said the wood is just too heavy for the mechanism so they were prone to breaking. My external mechanism looks different so I hope the internal is stronger as well.

Hanging them was a snap. Just like regular blinds, all you have to do is drill in the hardware that holds them then pop the blinds in. Here they are with full sun behind them!

You can't really see all the sun eh? The blinds are wide enough that I get a pretty unimpeded view when they are open. The best part is when they are closed no one can see in at all. With the cheesy plastic blinds you can still make out what's happening inside at night when the lights are on.

Left pull toggles them open and closed while the right side pulls them up and down. They also came with a plastic tie back I could nail to the wall and wrap the cords around. This is to keep kiddies and pets from entangling themselves. I have neither and patched too many holes to even contemplate this.

Isn't the faux molding on the front cute? It came with enough parts that if your blinds were installed outside the window you could assemble a three sided cornice for it.

My blinds are about three slats too long because the exact size was sold out. Removing the slats is pretty simple but I am feeling lazy. We'll see if it bugs me enough to do it later.

Also, they suggest two inches of depth in each window to properly mount these. My left window is shallower so I put extra screws in and made a mental note not to hang from this set. Ideally that entire piece should be attached to the casing.

So far I love them! There is alot of striping happening in this room (vertical beadboard, horizontal blinds, vertical curtains but I kinda love it.


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