Thursday, September 8, 2011

Having a lovely week

I only worked one day this week and it was the day it didn't rain! What luck is that?

To take advantage of the lovely sounds and cooler air I've started messing around in the kitchen again, trying out new recipes and horrifying my grandma with meatloaf. I keep telling folks ground turkey tastes good but cooks up greyish. If they don't want to try it, well more for me!

I've also been hooping and my pants are starting to loosen up. I lost five pounds since August 1st, which is exciting news because losing five more puts me at my target weight. What pleases me more is that I can hoop for longer periods without getting winded. Muscles are awesome.

My favorite little cousin started college this week and is full of anecdotes and funny observations. I can't wait to take my own class next month! I'll be 33 in November but can't imagine not being in a classroom. There is always something new to work on, develop or just explore. I love learning and am overjoyed when those close to me find the same pleasure.

Decluttering is going along fabulously. I've gotten rid of kitchen crap that I inheritted when I moved in and am taking full advantage of trash day. I also dropped off another bag of donated clothing. Now that almost everything in my home has found a place its easier to identify redudancies and decide what to eliminate. I finally gave up and installed the closet storage shelves myself. Three of the brackets are solidly attached to wood but one is floating in the sheetrock so I hope it holds. With those shelves installed I was able to better sort my stockpile and start throwing stuff on eBay. No bids yet but its free to list so I am happy.