Saturday, September 3, 2011

Color Inspiration: Cameron's Hair

We watched Something Borrowed a couple of nights ago and it was silly romance until an unexpected end. Romance movies are normally very predictable and as long as everyone (who deserves it) ends up happy its a fine movie. Every once in a while the douche gets the girl though and then its all angst and sputters at Chez Anny.

Not all was lost because I kept commenting on how nicely her brown hair paired up with grey - my current fave color combination!

I couldn't find a better shot of this tailored suit but when I was commenting on it I realized these are the colors of my bathroom LOL

If it weren't for my ideabook at Houzz I woudn't even realize stuff like this!

In other news she is sporting a majorly short pixie cut in real life. Remember how her hair flowed on House? What a shame.


Decluttering News:
Yesterday I removed all of the broken shelves that were resting inside of a closet door and either set them with the trash or if they were in decent shape stored them in the basement. Trash pickup hasn't happened but they are out of my way for now!


Alicia said...

That's Cameron? I didn't even see a resemblance! Wow, what a difference hair makes!

Anonymous said...

Thats not Cameron. Thats the girl who plays Snow White on Once upon a time. Her name is Ginnifer Goodwin.