Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blockbuster Vortex

Ready to have your minds blown?

Any time you get a receipt at Blockbuster there will be a coupon for a free .99 rental at the bottom.

Stop yawning because I said ANY TIME

Lets say you just rented a .99 movie (.49 on Sundays). There will be a free .99 movie rental at the bottom. Let's say you go back and get your free movie. There will be a free movie rental coupon at the bottom of that free rental receipt.

Lather, curse at soap in eyes, rinse, repeat

The .99 section used to be CRAPTASTIC but now most blu-rays are .99 rentals. Stuff needs to be back by midnight the following day so I bet they are banking their future on collecting late fees and popcorn from me watching to see what they do next.

Of course if you play your cards right Blockbuster could be your own little library with excellent stock and severe late penalties.