Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes I think Ikea buys surplus to see if they can sell it

So I was at Ikea about a month ago and I saw these Rationell inserts(?) being clearanced for .25 each. Don't you love the lack of description on Ikea packaging? I stood for a few minutes, attempting to solve the Puzzle of the Ikea Diagram, then shrugged and grabbed three. They feel like metal coated in rubber and are very sturdy and unscratchy.

Unscratchy was important because I'd had an idea! If I screwed them facedown into my cabinet floors I could store all of my baking sheets, cutting boards and drying racks upright.

See what I mean? Each pack came with two "things" and I only used 1.5 packs because three divisions was enough. I'm not storing china, its just Calphalon so it can lean against itself.

Next step was a shelf. I went to the trusty Home Depot and bought a 36" Rubbermaid shelf and had it cut down to 34.5". They will cut any piece of lumber (or plywood) twice for free, after that its .50 a cut.

I went with Rubbermaid plywood because it was cheaper than real wood. It matches the cabinets and that was an unexpected boon.

Check out my baking supplies (and onions) cabinet! I

$7.84 shelf
.75 for Rationells although I only used .50 worth - what to do with the rest?
$1.77 L shaped peg brackets to hold up the shelf (only used half of these too)

Total: Under $11 for blissful organization!


I was cleaning out my cellphone pictures and found this picture from about a year ago. Its a Wilton Bakeware Organizer and if I remember correctly it was $20 at Michael's. I was tempted to grab it for for $10 using a 50% coupon but I am glad I waited, my shelves are stronger and taller.


Alicia said...

Wow, you are so smart. What a great use for those Rationells. Just a thought...when I first bought my house I saw on a blog, don't remember which one; but they bought those squares of linoleum that come 10 or 12 to a pack at Big Lots and put them on the bottom of all their kitchen cabinets. I did the same thing and I love them! It's so easy to clean and it just makes everything slide in and out much more smoothly. They're super easy to cut with just scissors. Just a thought :-)