Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Weighted Hula Hoop

I'd been wanting a weighted hula hoop for a while. Hooping is fun, easy and can be easily done while watching tv.

I received the hoop earlier this week and its been fun. It weighs three pounds, which makes it much easier to stay up than the kiddie hoops I grew up with. If I feel it start to slip I speed up and back it goes. After the first day I haven't had it fall once but have often stopped it because I get tired ;)

The box suggests 1-2 minutes of hula hooping the first week, 2-3 minutes, the second week and so on. I did almost ten minutes the first day, although not all at once. The next day my sides felt very sore. It was like sit-up soreness but only on my sides, which is great because mini love handles are starting to show up. I would feel the soreness when swinging my arms as I walked and it would be a nice reminder that I am trying to get in shape.

I took a break from hooping on Day 2 and went back to it on Day 3. I think I went too fast because this time I bruised. Its not bad bruising, just dime sized spots on my sides.

So far my waist hasn't lost discernable inches but I feel like I am making progress and the mental part is just as important :)

This is the hoop I bought: Weighted Sports Hula Hoop for Weight Loss - Trim Hoop 3B 3 lb. No Ridge, Travel Easy and Easy to Assemble/disassemble

I went for the one that comes apart, was about right for my 5'6" frame and didn't have inner ridges. Inner ridge reviews say the hoops hurt and cause major bruising. No thank you!