Saturday, August 6, 2011

Please don't sue me Disney

I swear garage sales are like crack to me. I will stay away for months but as soon as I go to one and remember the deals, it is downhill from there. This stuff was purchased between 3-4pm at three different garage sales on my way to Blockbuster and Subway cause I was too lazy to cook.

I saled The Lion King for my niece a couple of months ago and she loves it. She turned three in April and is the friendliest little person I know. I was at Ihop with some of my family the other day and she declared "Uncle Scar is MEAN!" Her mom hadn't seen The Lion King but her dad had and was confused because as far as he knew the baby hadn't seen it either. Not only is she retaining and remembering books, she is not initiating conversations!!! /end proud tia gush

Anyway I picked up 17 Disney books today including another Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Monsters, Inc, etc. Its all stuff she hasn't watched but I am hoping reading the book before the movie will set lifelong habbits, as well as give us plenty of more aunty/niece bonding time.

  • $4 - 17 kids books
  • $1 - letter holder (trust me I need this and it fits where I need it)
  • $3 - Friends S3 for swapadvd

The letter holder lady gave me a pilates ball I was going to buy until I realized it was missing the plug. I contacted the manufacturer through a form on their website and got back a reprimanding form e-mail:

Please note that Jamz Products is now Pure Global Brands, Inc. In accordance with this, email addresses should no longer be used. Your email has been forwarded to the correct address.

Something tells me this ball will end up in the trash because I won't be able to get the missing part ;)