Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspiration Colors: Kitchen

I attended a talk on Decision Making and someone said imagining the worst possible outcome and then finding a solution to it helps put things in perspective. She threw out a few examples and one was "If you paint a room an awful color, repaint it later." I had an "Aha!" moment.

See, I love grey walls paired with wood tones. I love my grey bathroom. I have leftover grey paint. You know what colors I have been considering for the kitchen? Beige, white, off get the idea. These are all colors suggested by other folks and they give me the major Blahs.

So what if I am the only person I know with a grey kitchen? I am the only one I know with a grey bathroom too!


Della said...

Go for it! I think a grey kitchen would be amazing. What color are the cabinets?