Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear Beadboard Wallpaper, I love you.

I've been ignoring my kitchen because...well it looks like this:

Keeping it real for the interwebs
with close-ups looking like this:

The first thing I did was pry off this shelf. The second thing was wonder how a lopsided shelf stayed up so long.
Unfortunately, when I have a room which looks like this it becomes the catch-all for all disasters and the tools to fix them. Items that don't belong in my kitchen but chill there include various rollers, paint samples and handheld tools. Yep, that is my deflated exercise ball by the door too.

The first thing to tackle was the beadboard. It is original to the 100 year old house and had been stained a dark color until someone about fifteen years ago decided to paint it white and try to fill in the grooves with spackle. Then they realized it was a royal pain, did a slipshod sanding job and painted over it.


I debated buying simple plywood and throwing some beadboard trim on it. Then I read about White Bead Board Paintable Wallpaper and decided to give it a shot.

The first thing you need to do is soak it for 30 seconds. I don't have pictures of this because 30 seconds is really fast.

Then you fold it over for 5 minutes to give the glue "activation time". The stuff is super sticky and attached easily.

The right is wallpapered. I began trimming, then decided to buy molding for the bottom later. It will hide trimming imperfections and keep my new wallpaper cleaner...plus I don't need to trim. Win/Win

I am glad I only hung one piece yesterday. I didn't think the bumps and grooves on the wall would show through the wallpaper as much as they do.

Its not so bad considering it is covering a wall that looks like this. Still, I am going to invest in a hand sander and face mask before continuing. Since the paper needs 5 minutes of soak time it will take a while to go around the entire kitchen.

The density and feel of it is like a kid's foam sticker. It looks like real beadboard but touching it belies the lie. Its paintable so I expect it to soak up a gallon of paint.

I will probably go with a beige/ivory color combination in this room. I can't decide if the walls should be white and all the trim beige or vice versa. There are a few rows of tile between the floating cabinets on the right and the beadboard trim I need to work around as well. I went to the store the cabinets were originally purchased at to see about buying a corner piece to finish off those floating cabinets but they don't carry this style any longer. I will have to go check other smaller places tomorrow.

So this is my current Big Project. Wish me luck!