Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colon's Hardware in Paterson, NJ - Amazing Customer Service!

When I was growing up there wasn't a convenient Depot or Lowes around so my dad went to privately owned hardware stores. I hated it! There were always contractors brainstorming and discussing boring stuff like heating systems while poor little Anny longed for a candy bar. The worst place had parrots running around, with abnormally curved beaks and desire for breaded goods.


Cut to twenty years later and I need replacement hardware for one of my counters. Depot didn't carry it so I tried a local store that only sells counters. Nope, these counters were about fifteen years old and they don't carry that hardware anymore but I should try Colon's Hardware up the street.

I steeled myself because there is a lot of misogyny in my town and whenever anyone sees me doing or attempting to do anything unfeminine they ask questions. Possible discomfort couldn't surpass my open cabinets so I took my two broken pieces to the hardware store and was I surprised!!!

The guys behind the counter said the hardware was old but they could replace it with a newer system. Did I have a drill or someone who would attach the pieces for me? Nope, I said, figuring I'd pay someone to do it and call it a day. Well three guys worked together to get the pieces together. It took them about half an hour and they only charged me for the pieces and not labor!!!

I also asked about ordering a "whatnot" shelf (picture coming later) to round out my floating shelves. Again the problem was the honey oak shelves everyone installed in the nineties are turning yellow with age. I wouldn't be able to place a special order in that color because it wouldn't be as "weathered". I'd priced the shelf at the counter store the other day and they said $40, this place said $18! They also said I could buy a stain to make the shelves match (duh, why didn't I think of that?) AND they assembled the cabinet for me while I waited. FOR FREE!

PLUS I met a painter and handy person to boot! I have been stressing all of these little projects and really worried about being able to do them all. I would much rather pay someone to do the work while I do stuff like select paint colors. The problem with my town is its rather ... ghetto so getting someone from outside of town (read that has a website or advertises on google) to come by can be a chore. I've been calling for lawn care service for weeks and the weeds are past my knees but I can't get someone to come by and even the places that advertise a location in town are really only there for the tax breaks without actually servicing the town. /end rant

So what I'd expected to be an awkward morning turned out wonderfully! I highly recommend Colon's Hardware and finally understand why my dad loved dropping by there.