Sunday, July 24, 2011

Really Old Spice? Who wants to smell like Fabio?

I am dating a wonderful man with excellent hygiene. He sometimes uses Old Spice products and cracks me up with his Old Spice impression. Things were good.


Old Spice signed on Fabio (FABIO!) to be the new Old Spice guy and its been traumatic. Troubling. Upsetting to the Nth degree.

Now I have never smelled Fabio but doesn't he look like he smells like sweaty beach? You know after you've spent all day with suntan lotion and saltwater and your hair is frizzy, skin puckered and even your elbows are sticky?

Fabio looks like he smells like that.

Plus Fabio with Rapunzel hair is trying to reach what market? Guys with long hair stopped being sex symbols back in the 90s. Get a haircut!