Friday, July 22, 2011

on Chiropracting

I took a pretty nasty fall a few weeks ago, have scoliosis and boobs so it was inevitable that I end up in a chiropractor's office eventually. I went in for my first treatment Wednesday morning and a nagging pain on my lower left side was gone by that night!

I am a stomache sleeper and the doctor recommended becoming a side or back sleeper, which I politely agreed to try, with every intention of sleeping on my back once I was tired enough ;) Unfortunately when I was on my back that night and last night sore patches I wasn't aware of popped up as soon as I lay on my back. I'd fall asleep on my side, only to be kicked awake as soon as I rolled unto my stomache.

My second treatment was this afternoon and the doctor cracked my neck about 3-4 times. My shoulder and back pains seem to be completely gone, although he was predicting another two treatments to return to a painless back.

A weird side effect to the treatments is dizziness. On Wednesday night I showerred and got in bed around midnight. I was immediately so dizzy I couldn't even sit up! I closed my eyes in the dark and still felt like the room was spinning.

Tonight I lay down with a magazine on the couch and felt dizzy again, although it wasn't as severe as Wednesday night. I wasn't completely laying down so maybe that helped? Both nights I'd eaten a normal amount, hadn't exercised that day and drunk my usual gallon of water.

The dizziness concerns me and since it has happened twice I will bring it up at my next appointment on Wednesday.