Friday, July 1, 2011

Monthly Goals: The Lets Clean Stuff UP! edition

This month I shall not:
  1. 1. Begin new projects until others are done (ha!)
  2. 2. Buy stuff that I don't have any immediate space for
Here are the projects I'd like to knock out:
  1. Sand/paint bathroom mirror and ceiling
  2. Attack the bathtub some more
  3. Hang curtains
  4. Install living room AC
  5. Paint kitchen with paint I bought two weeks ago
  6. Wallpaper kitchen with wallpaper from last week
  7. Plant all the bushes and crap I got this week
  8. Put down weed repellent, mulch I bought a few days ago in garden
  9. Paint entrance wall with the paint I also bought
  10. Paint porch with paint my brother gave me
  11. Reschedule couch delivery
  12. Schedule gas check-up
  13. Schedule upstairs shower repair person
  14. Change passwords on everything screwed up by our router dying this week
  15. Cut down the shelves for the stockroom closet
The only new project because not doing it will cause more problems:
  • Schedule mulch delivery for alongside driveway
I would also love to do some bulk cooking because all of this running around has me eating a lot of processed foods. Consequently, I spend a lot of time tired and my pants don't fit.

If I knock out even half of those projects while working five days a week, July will be busy!