Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Metabolism DOA, Age 32

I went from my pleasingly plump "Its winter so I bake daily" mode to "Wait...these ARE my fat pants!?" within a few months. So its time to exercise or buy new pants
and I'm not ready to brave the changing rooms.

My cousin and I played around with the dance class fitness videos streamed on Netflix yesterday and it was Epic! Unfortunately my Laugh Muscles received more exercise than any other part of me. There was a lot of confusion, bumping into each other and at one point she just gave up and did the Carlton Dance. I kind of love my family.

Today I decided to "travel along" the jogging path I've been going to on and off for the past decade. Notice that time line? I started jogging here before I started driving.

So guess what happened.

Yep, I got tired and decided instead of walking the rest of the way along the nicely paved path I would detour through the woods and get to my car sooner. Needless to say I got lost, saw deer and ended up walking much further than I needed to in order to end up in practically the same spot on the jogging trail.

Its as if Mother Nature is conspiring to keep me healthy!!!

I'm playing this by ear right now. Part of me wants to go burn off a thousand calories in a bikram class or take up kick boxxing again but I don't feel like I can make the time for those things right now. I am working a lot, have a to-do list longer than ever before and don't feel the pressure to go lose the weight. I don't think its a health issue, just a vanity issue.

I don't like my reflection and I need to be patient in order to get it back to where I will be happy with it.