Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going back to school...again

I freelance at a design company, using a program I learned on the job. My (wonderful) boss started giving me additional training in the program but then work became insane and we had to stop.

While taking this class should have been a no-brainer the commute has given me pause for years. The closest school to offer training is FIT in NYC. I've lived closer to NYC but the current commute would be about an hour and $10 a day, easily doubling the cost and length of time commitment.

I'm ready to do it though. Freelancers at my job who took this class start at $40/hour out of college and more experienced folks make $60 - $65. Plus my job is constantly shifting people about and making good cad designers full-time employees, with things like benefits and paid vacation time. Everyone (EVERYONE) at my job is an FIT graduate and took this very class (and the part 2 in the spring) to learn the basics.

Plus at work my boss is always pulling in freelancers, which can be problematic since so many of them live in NY and don't want to commute into NJ. I live relatively close by and am there almost every day anyway, so what do I have to lose?

I am excited about this next step :)