Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who is that lolcat? Google can help!

If you are a right clicking fool like me you probably have a ton of pictures saved with nary an idea of their origin. Google is here to help!

I think this feature only works in Chrome because it didn't work in my IE and FF but I may be entirely wrong about that.

Step 1: Go to Google Images
Step 2: Upload any picture on your drive
Step 3: Wait to be amazed

Thanks to Google Images I was able to find out my desktop pattern (ganked from Haute Macabre) was originally an ad for Alexander McQueen boots!

This one I downloaded because once my life settles (maybe next month?) I believe that painting will be relevant to me. *crosses fingers* Turns out I saved it from Nesting Place, a blog I've been looking for.

My love for clean greys and whites had me save that picture ages ago but I never expected to find the 2009 source:

Kudos on continually re-inventing ways of being strangely addictive Google!