Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What would you caulk this with?

Remember that website that said it could frame my bathroom mirror for $100something dollars? I went to Home Depot and purchased $5 worth of trim and the associate even cut it at 45 degree angles (for free!). Don't be fooled by this seemingly tiny mirror without anything for perspective. Those sides are 44" each!

The next step was sticking it all together. I used my handy dandy staple gun on the back and this compound on the front. Then I stuck the whole thing up using Industrial Strength velcro. I used regular strength velcro in my last apartment and when it was time to move that sucker would. NOT. budge! $5 worth of trim is considerably lighter so I think it will be ok.

The only problem is the corners cracked open again. I tried putting more compound once it was up on the wall but it still cracks open. So any compound/sealant advice? Will this stuff eventually work if I keep globbing it on? How do you keep it up when sanding it smooth?