Monday, June 6, 2011

Update: Mint a HUGE Letdown

So remember how psyched I was to get the Mint this morning? I am so disappointed I can barely type...except I will because I'm wordy and opinionated.

I charged the machine for a little over twelve hours and the blue light was solid. I followed the instructions to sweep first, then I cleared the floor, set up the GPS and closed the door to let it do its thing.

I admit to opening the door a few times and was dismayed by what it was doing. My Mint pushes debris forward, then backs up, then goes forward again, then turns and starts in a different direction.

Can you see the black "specks" alongside the mattress? It left these all over the place and had a pretty clean rag at the end. Its clearly finding dirt but not picking it up with its little rag.

See that foot mark on the tile? In retrospect, I should have used my real camera with the flash, instead of my cell camera, so you could see how obvious this was. This was the only part of the room that was dirty as I'd just mopped in here on Saturday and swept right before running the Mint. I figured I'd give the Mint an easy run on its Maiden Voyage.

Aside: This wasn't a muddy footprint - this footprint was left by my $1 Old Navy flip flops on the wet floor after cleaning Saturday. The rubber bleeds when wet and is probably why they were only $1.

The worst part is the Mint rag was still sufficiently wet that I just took it off the machine and wiped this footprint off the floor! The Mint rag was also cleaner than my floor, making me wonder what it was doing all that time behind closed doors.

I am so, so, so disappointed.

Reviews says you need to run it daily to have clean floors but with a multiple-hours charge in between that just doesn't seem feasible. I have a bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom, living and dining room plus two hallways. In the best rotation I would (at most) get to a room twice a week and if this is an indication of what one "clean" can do well that's not saying much. I shouldn't have to have to sweep AND pre-mop before running the Mint.

I used to love my Scooba because it didn't require sweeping but its an older model no one carries anymore. I killed the battery on that machine because I stopped using it when we lived in the carpetted apartment. I craigslisted it, incorrectly assuming I could buy the new model when the time came. It turns out the new model costs $300, is only sold on their website and has terrible reviews!

This is surprising because the old Scooba was such a powerhouse. Using it sufficient times pulled stains out of grout as if I'd sat on the floor with a brush! Running the Mint was like sneezing on a floor and hoping the wind blows away dust.

Oh, what's a lazy girl with almost white tile and a penchant for walking around barefoot to do?

If you says "Mop by hand" you are officially off my blog roll!


Lauren @ 31diy said...

That's too bad! :(