Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This move sponsored by Lysol with bleach

So this move had some unexpected stressors.

First of all was the walk-through at the old apartment. I am a veteran mover (7 times NOT counting all the college dorming years) and this was the first time a walk-through was required for a security deposit. Normally I live in family homes and just live out the last month rent-free instead of getting the deposit back.

Now if someone says "You clean this place really well I will give back the $1500 you gave me two years ago" I buy stock in bleach.

On top of that the new place wasn't move in ready. This was another first since normally a place is clean and my big decisions involve where to put stuff in order to make my life easier. I LOVE doing that since I am constantly thinking of how to make a home better suit my needs. Starting that process from scratch is the best part of moving as it eliminates complacency.

Between cleaning this place and Old Place I ended up with icky sinuses, broken nails and pruny skin but its been so worth it! We're getting back 100% of the security deposit and I decided to hire someone to do the deep cleaning here.

I'd been planning to hire a monthly service to do the stuff I hate doing (casements, windows, shades, baseboards, etc) but hadn't anticipated needing it right away. I suppose there isn't any time like the present :D

What I expected to be the big stressor - the actual moving of possessions - turned out to be incredibly simple, rapid and at points even fun. We started at around 1 and moved my brother and family the same day so by the time we sat down it was close to 11. I was exhausted but so grateful for all the support and love I felt that day.