Thursday, June 2, 2011

T-Mobile, its over. Stop Calling!

T-Mobile has become that annoying ex that texts about tv shows after the broke up.

On Saturday, when I was moving and wanted to punch my phone every time it rang, they kept calling until I got a live person and told them to cut it out.

Then I started getting spanish robo-calls on my house line a few days later! I called and complained, since I am on the Do Not Call list. They claimed my name wasn't on their robo-call list but since then haven't called back either.

Its not like I didn't give them ample time to redeem themselves, even AFTER they cancelled my ten year old e-mail address! I asked about phones and rate plans. I was polite but insistent in my unwillingness to pay them more for the exact same service elsewhere.

In the end it was for the best. If T-Mobile had better customer service I would have stayed with them and continued paying way too much. Virgin Mobile has fantastic coverage so far and you can't beat $25/month with a stick!