Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Redoing Ye Olde Filing Cabinet

Its about time I show a project that doesn't end with "but I need to do xyz for it next month."

Remember this little guy? (Click here to see the original facelift.) I made it over to match my (trying to be) grown up office.

First I painted the body white.

Then the cherry stain.

I sanded down the drawers and developped a mighty back ache. I will never sand so much without a power tool again!

Here they are the next day being sealed and shiny. When I saw how beautiful it was I caught Crazy and contemplated sanding down the entire body. Then my back twinged and I backed away quickly.

I went with the Glira knobs because I liked them on my jewerly chest and had one left over. Unfortunately one came with a stripped screw and it took me a week to find a replacement. Going to Ikea for one screw is just asking for financial trouble! The bottom knob looks lost and I am debating the "Glika" knob, which is just a larger version of the Glira.

Here it is holding a printer and some other crap I should have cleared for the photo. When you move any empty surface becomes a catch-all and mirrors are not an exception!

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Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Your little cabinet turned out great, Anny! I always hate it when I don't take the time to pull out the power sander. I always regret it!

Eileen said...

That looks cute Anny, i liked the first job u did on it too, thanks for your visit.

Rachel Asher said...

Very nice transformation! The first one was pretty too:) Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Loving Life. Come back and visit anytime:)