Saturday, June 4, 2011

of Women and Desks

This is my old office nook. I had a glass L shaped desk from Office Depot which I craigslisted the morning the U-Haul came by. I'd been planning to buy the same desk my guy owns:

but then!

I went into Ikea's as-is section and they had the Vika Hyttan table top marked down to $49 and all those plans went out the window. I love the look and feel of brushed metal and knew I could attach the corded legs from my old Vika table for a fun mix of industrial and natural.

(Funny side note but that post garners the oddest search engine results. A lot of people look at it expecting bondage roped leg types of pictures and to those people I say "HA!" and "Thank you for visiting.")

Kindly ignore the mass of cables on the floor and the tv on the bottom right. Progress, not perfection guys!

Isn't that lovely? So far I love how cool the material feels and since this is designed to be a table (currently using the Vika Curry legs) its high enough that I don't need my monitor lift to prevent neck strain.

I can't give an honest opinion on the functionality end of things until I have a work project keeping me in this seat for hours but aesthetically?

I am preening like a peacock during mating season.