Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Old Bedroom

Its funny but I really loved this room while I was in it. Sure, it was freezingly cold (3 comforters cold at times) but I had a wall of pictures and pretty things to look at.

Looking at these pictures I am feeling decidedly "Meh" about it.

Wonder Woman, a Vampire giantess and birds flying. Nope, I'm not a teenager ;)

I was trying to photograph my bamboo window cling. I got it at Home Depot and haven't found a place for it here yet.

Nightstand with Dash and that lamp I won ages ago from Houzz.

Bench for pillows at night and the an awfully eclectic wall of pictures. I will not be repeating this here. Note the indoor boots for especially chilly times.

Collage of pictures from places I visited while living there. Theoretically I would wake every morning and reflect on fun times in the past. In actuality I would wake up and admire the layout but grimace at how at odds all the frames were.

I don't dry most of my clothes so I would just hang them over the closet trim to dry. (Nope, didn't clean up for these pics at all)

I like this corner. That is my indoor alien hoody.

And the requisite Malm.

A lot of the things in this room have already been repurposed for other places and I'm trying to only hang up pictures I took or that have personal meaning. I am also acknowledging this is not the correct way to collage a wall :)