Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EasyCanvasPrints.Com - Review

As you guys know, I love photography. I've been printing 8x10s and slowly hanging stuff around the house (if you spent an hour less than a month ago prying nails out of walls you would be hesitant too!). So imagine how psyched I was when contacted me to receive an 8x10 and report back to you, my bloggy readers!

So here it is! Its me and my Man of Mystery aka guy with glass filter applied. Note how its propped on a plant - I was not kidding about the nails!

I went with the wrapped frame because I don't plan on framing it and like how it looks from all angles. You can opt for a reflection on the side or solid color without an additional charge. A solid color would look swank if the same color as the wall.

See the canvas texture? These things are awesome - photo quality but on canvas! Whodathunkit?

Look at how the bleed goes past the edge of the canvas. This is high quality stuff!

I *adore* my canvas and the best part is something like this would only cost about $30, before coupons (more on that below). With so many folks buying professional cameras and getting better shots than photo studios, why not immortalize that perfect shot on canvas instead of behind glass? Not only will you look fancy schmancy, people will be more likely to go look than if its just framed.

I always see coupons and deals on canvas prints but they are normally on-line stores shipping out of China. Whenever a deal on them comes up people always complain prints can take up to a month to arrive. My print safely arrived within the week. It came boxxed with plenty of bubble wrap, unlike some other places which mail in padded envelopes (yes, from China!).

The website,,  is ridiculously intuitive and there is a tab at the top right with your running total so you won't get to the final page and then find out dunking the whole thing in glitter doubled the price.

Canvas prints:

PLUS if you like them on Facebook you save 50% off your order AND get free shipping:

For that cost I am tempted to pick up a larger canvas for my living room!