Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bathroom Re-Do

This is the tale of a bathroom and Nutmeg. Like most of you bloggers, I received my free quart of Glidden paint today. I'd been dying to get it because I'd ordered a gorgeous brown "Nutmeg" color to balance my blandly pink bathroom.

Here are some shots from this morning:

See all the Lysol? This move is still happening folks.

I dig this curtina. The swirls remind me of my stencilling attempt (Yep, still in progress too).

Turns out Nutmeg looks like Slimer bumped into my wall last month. I did some cuts and really tried to be open minded.

Then I gave up and pulled out a $5 gallon of "oopsy paint" from a recent trip to Depot. I've really been lucking out with colors there recently. I even found two white gallons today (more on that later)!

Recognize that picture? Its from my trip to San Juan and was printed free at Walgreens the other day.

The two wooden cubes were from a garage sale last year. The plant pot was from a garage sale pre-blogging (imagine that). The plant is an off-shoot of a plant my guy gave me years ago. See that teeny glass swan in the cube above? I covetted it for about twenty years and its probably the reason I love clear glass so much today.

In the window is Cervantes, aka my sculpture project from college and a huge Mets fan (peep his hat). Next to him is the best radio in the world. It gets amazing reception anywhere and runs on batteries so is utterly portable. Marketting says its water proof but I love it too much to risk it.

BTW I am going for plain white blinds for now. If curtains happen later, they happen. Also the white paint I used for the windows, trim and two doors (not pictured) was the oopsy white from this morning. Swank.

I want to replace these knobs with chrome ones. I saw almost the exact same ones in chrome just this morning at Lowes for only $1.50 each. For that price, why even bother painting?

I also want to frame out this mirror. That sucker measures 44" by 44"! I have seen mail order services that do it for hundreds of dollars so I will obviously attempt it myself with hardware store trim and double sided tape.

That's a ton of work though so I will leave it for next month. I am digging this room so much right now!


Anonymous said...

Love the color of your oops paint! Your bathroom is looking nice!
Wendy @

the cape on the corner said...

your bathroom looks fantastic now! thank goodness you had that oops paint, b/c wtf is up with the other. blech! today i just got a free pint from benjamin moore, so yay for free paint samples!

Ashleigh@Sincerely said...

love this color! yay for oops paint :)