Saturday, June 18, 2011

100 Free Business Cards at Staples

Picture editted in Paint cause I'm not home. Don't judge me!

Here is a direct link to the offer:$LZQB7SHGCB8bu3zCXo8kDxd/coupon.html?n=231&

This one expires today so get over there!

Don't need business cards for a real business? Here are some other ideas:

1. eBay auctions*
2. Your blog/website
3. On-line trading (swapadvd, couponning, etc)
4. Use them as name labels in books/media (This book belongs to)
5. Print out a card with lines and use them as wallet sized to-do lists ;)

You can either use in-store software to design your card (what I did), bring in your card already laid out on a cd or usb drive or being in an existing card and have them create it from that.

I used the in-store designer and threw on a clip art feather because my eBay name is still SilverFeatherAuctions. It took about 10 minutes using their template because I kept fiddling with the text and picture.

* I don't use my cards to advertise in person so when I need to give my digits I write them on the back of the card. I hand write a thank you note on the back of these cards and throw them into my eBay auction packages. Its a small step that always gets me positive feedback :)


Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Cool! Thanks for this tip!