Thursday, May 5, 2011

We ain't afraid of no Ghosts!

Ok, so not an entirely apropos title but *shrug*
I was searching for Monster's Inc for my roomy (had mine for about a decade now and yep MI came out a decade ago*) and noticed the American cover is much creepier than the international ones:

The Toy Story dvd should say "from the creators of Monsters Inc!" Toy Story will never measure up to MI :P
Look at how cute the little girl is on the spanish version! You'd never guess she spent 75% of this movie terrorized and screaming.
The chinese cover decided the girl was a good addition but at the last moment went for product placement instead. I bet if the kid had been male we wouldn't be having this unfortunate incident!

Sidebar: I would be completely ripped off if ever sent to buy a chinese dvd. The covers all look bootlegged to me.

So if you are still hung up on the Monsters Inc was a decade ago check out this comic:

Comic from XKCD: