Friday, May 20, 2011

Office Depot's Comedy of Errors

May 2 - I order shelf on-line for in-store pick up because (unlike Staples) they charge for delivery

May 3 - I realize the box is way too big for my car and since its raining I don't want to take it apart for transport. I cancel/return the order in-store without laying a hand on the box. They wheeled it out and I said "Oh no, there's no way," and apologized a lot.

May 13 -  Future Address tells me an Office Depot courier has been by three times that week trying to pick up the shelf I'm "returning." I updated my Worklife rewards (their customer loyalty card) with my Future Address. I used my actual address to buy the shelf. Given the choice between credit card billing and store card addresses, they went with store card.

May 14 - Am assured the courier will be told to stop looking for me at Future Address

May 20 (today) - I find a UPS drop-off slip on my CURRENT ADDRESS door from Office Depot. 1-800-GO-DEPOT insists they didn't mail me anything. I am skeptical.

Ok, the pick-up thing was COMPLETELY my fault. I'm a size determing jerk who's used to teeny Ikea boxes holding clown-car equivalent of furniture.
Sidebar: Ironically enough, when I got home to find the UPS slip I was coming back from buying this chair at Staples. My last office chair purchase was for a chair similar to this years ago. Today I learned not all office chairs are packed equally and my car can't hold a crib-sized box. The guy who pushed the chair out for me thought I was joking when I told him which car was mine! Then he very nicely cut open the box so I could fit the individual components in my backseat without having to remove a door. *thumbs up Staples*

In total contrast, today's OD customer service rep was so dismissive I would have punched him in the ear if the phone let me. He kept repeating the courier had been told to stop attempting a pick-up. I kept explaining this wasn't a local courier attempting a pick-up, it was UPS attempting a Delivery.

You know what be nice? If Office Depot was sending me a credit to my AMEX receipt for that shelf via UPS. Since the original order was placed on-line, they're handing the refund and its (unsurprisingly) not going well.