Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moving Angst

That, Dear Blog Reader, is what my old bedroom looked like for about a month, right before I moved here.

See that glass with newspaper inside? That is most of my old media tower. Under it is my printer. Notice how the headboard has been craigslisted and cunningly replaced with an expedit shelf (in box of course). That is, indeed, a sauce pan on top of a monitor. I love how the red Expedit inserts were sitting around, posing as a solid piece of furniture when they were barely keeping from toppling over. And yes, most of the things in this picture were eventually resold.

I wrote a long, angsty post last night about lack of sleep, moving stress and trying to craigslist furniture when you're barely home but decided to delete it this morning.

Sure, I can't get out of bed without turning on a light to make sure I'm not stepping on a drawer. Yes, I stayed up until too late removing glass doors from a cabinet for an early morning craigslister. Yep, I woke up before 9am today because the house was being power washed and now smells like the aftermath of a pool party.

None of that will matter a month from now when I'm happily sleeping in my quiet bedroom and all my present angst and planning will result in a happy me.

This apartment isn't even nearing the critical mass levels of that old bedroom and that was still one of my best moves to date.