Saturday, May 14, 2011

A most Excellent Saturday

At around 9:45 this morning a craigslister woke me asking about our living room couch. I was half asleep but when someone says they want to buy your L shaped red couch, you wake up!

It turns out the lady moved here from Cali and needed everything so she bought our bookshelves, couch, coffee table, kitchen set and some minor little house things. I was psyched!!! We move on the 31st and I was really dreading having to figure out what to do with all of this heavy furniture if it didn't sell.

After that I went to PathMark, who are tripling coupons again this weekend. What CHAOS! Remember how excited I was last time to see someone with a coupon binder in the store? I saw at least 10 binders today. Everyone had coupons, families had multiple carts of the same stuff. I left with a pretty cute haul but I move soon and am annoyed with excess. Couponners like I saw today give regular couponners a bad name.

Subtotal was $3.18 and the Finesse has a $2 mail in rebate.

On my way back I found a two family garage sale where I picked up:
  • Princess chair set $3
  • Pyrex milk pourer .50
  • 2 glass bricks $1 each
The Princess set is going to my niece. The glass blocks are open on top and the family said they used them to hold candles during outside entertaining. I may use them for that or I may wrap up a string of rechargable Christmas lights and toss them in there. I like lights.

Then on my way to a fabric store to buy plastic for my kitchen chairs I found another sale!

  • 12" across pyrex bowl (translucent purple)
  • Red flower frame
  • Wood tea tray
  • Lion King book
  • Subtotal: $3
I think I'm going to paint the outside of the tray a glossy white. I like the hardware and the handles are cool, plus it has felted feet which will keep my future coffee table (less) scratchy. I'd sold my old big pyrex bowl on Craigslist, assuming I could use my metal one in its stead. Turns out I only like the metal one for mixing baking ingredients. The red frame is going in future kitchen and will perfectly match my chairs:

As mentioned, I was on my way to a fabric store. They had 4 different weights of plastic! I chose a thicker weight with a lot of flexibility and completed my monthly goal of wrapping my kitchen seats in plastic! This took almost two hours. I couldn't believe how difficult it was to deal with plastic after working with cloth until now. It was only $6/yard and I only needed one and a half for this project, with some oddly sized scraps left over.

On my way back from the fabric store I stopped at ANOTHER garage sale! By then it was almost 4pm and had been overcast all day so I was surprised to find all these sales on my usual erranding route.
  • 16x20 box photo frame (the kind with an inch of blank space between the picture and the back) .75
  • Silver serving tray .25
  • White pitcher .75
What a fun day! I got rid of furniture, garage saled, used triple coupons and completed TWO monthly goals. I feel very satisfied with this day :)