Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monthly Goals: The Moving Edition

Setting five goals this month is daunting but here's some stuff I would like to get done before I move:

1. Cover my kitchen chairs with plastic.
The furthest I've gotten on that project is asking people where to buy the stuff. Preliminary reports are muddled and conflicted.

2. Paint my nightstands
I got a really cute set of black nightstands on CG. They are a nice, solid black and I was originally going to take them white but now I'm debating a quirky color.

3. Craigslist the living room
Speaking of CG, now that we're down to the last three weeks in this apartment its time to list the "essential" furniture. I'd rather have them sell now and sit on the floor for the rest of May than wait until the last minute and end up giving them away.

4. Alert everyone of my moving
I already filled out the USPS card but soon I'll have to message all my magazines, credit cards and employers to let them know I'd like important stuff sent elsewhere.

5. Find a couch set
This has proven to be more difficult than expected. I made a check-list of everything I wanted but that went right out the door yesterday when I fell in love with an ivory leather set. Only the calm heads of relatives kept me from having it delivered tomorrow. Even if I never had kids, people I love have them and everyone has feet. Ivory couches in my home would either devolve to brown or result in angry conversations twenty years down the road with people I had sit on the floor for their entire childhood.

Maybe someday.