Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leaving T-Mobile over the Sidekick? Here's a better alternative.

Its official, my TMobile customership since November of 2002 ends today (or whenever my phone number ports over). I was paying $30/month for unlimited text and data without any minutes but that plan is being discontinued May 31 and rebranded for $49.99/month.

I'm switching to Virgin Mobile, which charges $25/month for unlimited text, data and web plus 300 minutes:

I picked the Samsung Intercept, which is $169.99 at Best Buy but more at other retailers. Through the end of the month if you show them the applicable cellphone coupon: you can save 10% off the phone. Mine was $152.99 after coupon.

So if you are a TMobile customer wondering where to go consider pre-paid, the value is unbeatable!

Update: Porting my number took less than an hour! I'm impressed.