Monday, May 2, 2011

Is couponing just a craze?

Last haul from PathMark's three day triple coupon funtime: $3.84 which includes a $2.99 bag of potatoes for a rebate :)

There were so many couponners out! I saw a young couple that looked like they were in college couponning! I saw old folks, young folks and even a lady out with her coupon binder. On Sunday night *everyone* was holding coupons.

On a decor blog someone made a comment about the "couponning craze" but until this weekend I didn't realize how much its really taken off. I've been couponning for so long and using the internet to help me that I didn't realize when everyone else started doing it too.

Neat :D


Alicia said...

I used to coupon a long time ago when my kids were little, but haven't in years. I did happen to catch the end of a show about couponing this weekend and the lady bought over $200 in stuff for $9.00 or so. What I thought was strange was she had 75 bags of croutons!! Who needs 75 bags? Is there some online exchange website couponers can go to exchange croutons for say toilet paper? Otherwise who needs 75 bags of croutons?