Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In case Office Depot's rewards program confused you too

Office Depot isn't as prevalent as Staples in my area but I've never recycled ink or partaken of their deals. Sure, I bought my computer desk there and I've listened to people discuss their OD love but it was too confusing.

I finally called them up and got the skinny.

1. You can recycle up to 10 ink cartridges a month for $20 in rewards to their store.
The catch? You have to spend at least as much as you recycle BEFORE coupons or you won't get the reward.

Lets say you recycle 10 cartridges and are expecting $20 back but you only bought .79 worth of gum this year. You only get .79 in rewards back.

2. How to get around all the spending:
Buy rebatables and rewardables. Currently OD is offering 2 free battery packs after rewards per customer PER DAY. That means you can spend $7.49 x 2 x However many days you buy and have that money applied to your Ink Needs.

3. The downside to this scenario?
Well in the battery scenario your money comes back as a reward to the store. You can always use that to rebate for something that gives you a check or go crazy and just buy something from the place. I was looking at this sweet little stand with glass doors.

I'm not a OD convert (mostly because it is out of the way) but am open to dropping by more often. I bought $95 worth of stuff there yesterday so I'll be recycling for a few months at least.