Monday, May 16, 2011

Here are some quick googles for decorating with glass blocks, like the ones I saled Saturday:

Wrapping them as holiday gifts with Christmas lights inside and a bow or foliage to hide the opening seems to be very popular.

Either printing out a vinyl decal or cricutting words and shapes seems to be fun in the blogosphere.

People like putting stuff inside, throwing a piece of pretty paper in the back and hot gluing stuff to the front.

This store makes them into $45 lamps with feet and coolness.

I like this one the most, even though its not a glass block. I'm probably going to stick some rocks in mine with light up twigs and declare them door holders.


Alicia said...

Wow, I love these. I have to get me some glass blocks now!

Robin Bulina said...

I just seen your picture that was used on facebook for a company I buy my glass block from. I love your glass block pictures! Thank you for the ideas. I have a question though. Are you using the block with the holes pre-drilled or are you using just plain old glass block? For the predrilled crafting block, Quality Glass Block always has specials running. But for regular glass block, do you get them at a local home center or buy them online? Thanks in advance.

Anny said...

I saled my first two but since then have seen them for very cheap at Michaels and AC Moore