Monday, May 9, 2011

Anne Rice decluttering in the oddest way

I was skittering across the webs tonight and came across a story about Anne Rice having a garage sale at her home. Curious, I googled some more and found out she's been eBaying her stuff for a while!

She doesn't have any items currently up for sale but you can click on completed auctions to see what she sold:

The stuff seems pretty reasonable (cameos and brooches for $30) but there was an autographed set of her Vampire Chronicles which sold for $300, which is just price gouging.

Its too bad I didn't realize she was selling her stuff, I would have been tempted to buy something like her cross and chain for $22.

According to her Facebook page she is eBaying and garage saling because she is getting ready to move to a small writer's commune.

How neat!