Thursday, May 26, 2011

AMEX saves the day...a tale of a faulty Roomba

I hate mopping, sweeping, vaccuming, picking up, etc. If it involves a repetitive action resulting in a cleaner floor, I abhor it. So of course we bought a Roomba as soon as we moved in. I bought it from Amazon using my AMEX.

Now that we're moving out one of the right bumpers has gone out. If you've seen a Roomba perform you know it senses items in its path, slows down and nudges up to them then goes around. With a faulty bumper the Roomba would bump into something, stop, spin and try to bump into it again. We had a very clean one square foot of carpetting.

As the one year warranty was a thing of the past iRobot (the Roomba makers) offered to sell me a new one for $129.99, which is a decent price. The bumper is wired into the machine's motherboard and internet DIY folk posted complicated schematics that involved soldering - watch that youtube video if you want to picture me setting things on fire. Seriously - I'm excited when I hang a picture and it doesn't immediately fall, so soldering is out.

I mulled the Roomba for a few days and then remembered I bought it with my AMEX! AMEX doubles the warranty on any item you buy. They are the reason I don't buy protection plans.

I called yesterday, explained the situation and they opened a case. Within 24 hours (seriously, I called around 5pm and they e-mailed me at noon today) they'd creditted my card back the $199.99 I paid for it!

While I often hail the Sony card for helping me get free (or darn cheap) electronics, AMEX has always had my warrantied back. <3