Thursday, April 28, 2011

A year without Braces: My Story (cause self-important titles are neat)

So I've been living braces free for a year now and it still catches me off-guard when I see myself in pictures!

I'm thrilled with the end result and have one bit of advice for you would-be braces removers: keep that retainer on 24-7 during the first six months!

I was so excited to be sans-braces that at first I would cook for 1-2 hours then eat for a bit, then have dessert, then go watch a movie and have a soda or eat chips while watching. In short I was going a few hours without retaining and my problematic tooth took advantage!

Its nowhere near as it was pre-braces and you can't tell by looking but I can feel that its more recessed than the rest of the teeth.

In fact, its been a year and some days since the braces came off and I don't need to wear the retainer all day anymore but sometimes when I pop it in at night its extra tight next to that one tooth.

If I'm ever stuck on a desserted island without a retainer that tooth will be the first to move back to its old digs.

So yay braces! And remember kids: retainers are serious business - use them even when brushing a million times a day between using them sucks :P