Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reupholstering a Chair

I picked up a really cute kitchen set the other day but the white and blue country fabric isn't my style. I adore our current silver set but Future Kitchen is full of warm tones. Luckily I had about a yard's worth of material from last year's living room makeover.
Step One: Unscrew the current screws
Step Two: Cut a large enough piece of fabric to overlap and then staple the top and bottom center. This will anchor the rest of the stapling. Staple along the sides until you get to the corners.
Step Three: When you get to the corners either snip them off (like I did) or tuck and keep stapling.
 You should have this. 
 Flip it and its magic!
Step Four: Rescrew everything on.
Ta-da! I propped up last year's couch pillows on the back because the backs are kind of hard. I'm thinking of using velcro to keep them permanently attached.
I also want to cover these in plastic. I am messy and like red sauce - not a good combo! Last time I shellaced fabric and its held up very well the past two years. Unfortunately that little trick won't work with upholstered chairs.

So anyone know where I can buy the stuff? I may need to buy a really thick clear tablecloth if I can't think of something else.


Kathy@ Gone North said...

SO Cute!! Love the polka dots with the stripes... Nice Job!!
You can buy clear plastic by the yard at Jo-Ann's or probably any fabric store... if your local Wal-Mart has a fabric section, they will have it also...
(stopping by from BNOTP )

Office Chairs said...

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