Monday, April 18, 2011

Planning on Easter basketting? May as well do it for free

This sale ends tomorrow (Tuesday, April 19) so if you want to jump on, get to it!

At CVS, buy Easter grass for .99 and get a .99 ECB to use on your next shopping trip. Easter egg decorating kits are 1.99, get 1.99 back. My niece is two and I prefer my eggs decorated with cheese and spices so I won't be jumping on these deals.

Here is a weeklong deal everyone should get:

Green bag tags are .99 and you get back .99. You clip this to your reusable shopping bag (or bookbag like my guy does) and scan it everytime you pay at CVS. After 4 scans you get $1 ECB. I love my Green Tag!


Alicia said...

Wish I had little kids, this would be a sweet deal!