Monday, April 11, 2011

Need a GPS? Staples can help

I admit - I get lost...a lot. I have a Nuvi 255w but the blasted thing loves esimating and won't read me a street name. I'll be wandering along and it'll blurt out "Turn right in 300 feet!" as I reach a five point intersection.

If I had heirs I would ABSOLUTELY suspect them of tampering.

I finally gave up on the 255w and ordered a 1300. It reads street names and should save me from going Office Space on the 255w.

Staples has the Garmin 1300 for $80 after rebate this week. Of course, I suggest you order on-line (free shipping) and buy a 25 off 75 or 30 off 100 coupon from eBay to maximize savings.

I have my old gps on Craigslist right now. May it befall a distance estimating whiz.