Friday, April 1, 2011

Monthly Goals: April Fool's Edition

Its been a while and I do well with structure:

1. eBay A LOT before April 19
Fees go up, my listings will go down

2. Craigslist Again
I was doing pretty well with the purging immediately after deciding to move but interest waned. April 1 means two months left and I shouldn't carry stuff I am not in love with/planning to use often.

3. Eat down the pantry
Starting to see a pattern here? I coupon so I buy a lot of any one item. There are about forty cans of soup in my pantry so that will be April's Snack of the Month

4. Recover kitchen chairs
and then blog about it!

5. Pack away the sweaters...and other stuff
The folks at my Future Home close on their house April 29th (my niece's 3rd birthday!!!) so I will be able to start moving in May instead of doing it all June 1st. I plan to take full advantage of this!

Try to curb purchases for the future home. I ordered my end table because it takes 2-3 weeks to arrive and I'm planning to buy my tv cabinet the weekend of April 8-10 because food will be free with $100 purchases. I also bought my kitchen set. I love a good deal and generally have an idea of what I want so impulse control is a problem. I have to acknowledge it and stop shopping until I've either gotten rid of more of these things or have space to put them in Future Home. Its a space issue :(