Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I got an Antenna today....cause its 1986

So that's my new antenna - an RCA 1650 from Amazon. I paid $45 last week but its now $41. Amazon drives me nuts with their fluctuating prices.

First of all  - this thing is big. See that black box on the corner of my tv stand with all those helter skelter cables? That's the antenna. I just tossed it there for a test run.

Amazon says its 1.7 x 8.9 x 2.6 inches and that looks right to me. Its also incredibly light. The shipping weight is 2.5 pounds but it feels even lighter than that.

The size is completely worth the performance though! It detected 39 channels in my area and most are in HD. As you can tell by the antenna being about to fall off the shelf I wasn't trying to get the best angle for viewing but I still got a great picture. Spanish novellas in HD for the tear jerk.

You can also see the Comcast box under the tv. When I move I'm dumping the cable since I only watch two shows and they are both on network television.

So the pros and cons:

  • 39 Channels is a lot more than I need
  • HD antenna means HD channels (assuming you have an HD tv)
  • Super lightweight and thin so easy to hide
  • 360 degree scanning means never having to fiddle for signal
  • Pricier than other antennas that purport the same services, albeit with worse reviews
It also comes with a prop for a standing version and nails so it can be hung on a wall. Amazon has pictures and video of people who even painted their antenna to blend into the surrounding wall. Go see for yourself.