Friday, April 29, 2011

Hulu Plus for 360 (temporarily) free

I'm really interested in trying this out since rumor has it you can control the XBox hulu control with your VOICE! Think of how ultimately, deliciously decadent that would be!

Its 1am, you are totally sapped from watching sitcoms but you want to watch just one more...instead of having to lift that heavy controller or breed a small person to go to the next ep, you can command the XBox to advance for you!

My cousin says he got hit by three commercials during one hour of television but that's on par with Hulu on the computer. Maybe once it stops being free they will ditch the commercials.

I have a feeling an impromptu family visit to an XBox is coming up tonight! Also because I love my family and spending time with them is a joy...but mostly because I want to try out this Hulu thing.


On a side note, my niece turns three years old today and my love for her grows deeper daily. I love how her mind connects things and watching her learn is the most fascinating thing I've seen since getting Planet Earth on blu-ray ;)