Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guess where I went? Yep, Ikea

Before I forget, if you're planning on buying over $100 worth of Ikea stuff anytime soon you should go this weekend. Its Free Food Weekend again. Eat, save your receipt and when you go to pay for over $100 in merchandise present the receipt to have your food total deducted from your shopping total. What a cute perk!
There was an impomptu family trip to Ye Olde Ikea today when I realized the above coffee table (normally $59.99) was only $19.99 this weekend at the Paramus, NJ Ikea.

In case you didn't know, you can select your Ikea store from the front page of and then go under the "Special Offers" section to see What Is Up. I'm within driving distance of two stores and the other one always has crappy sales (this week a $50 picture for $30). Sales are While Supplies Last so I always rush over when its something I really want.

This is a temporary coffee table since I plan to buy the one that matches my side table in August. For $20 I can craigslist this one in a few months and get my cash back. Plus I like glass. Unfortunately it is a walnut finish or I could have ended up keeping it.
I picked up two Ribba shadowbox frames for $6 each in the As-Is section, where I also found:
A door to my Future Besta for $10. Its in perfect shape so I'll try out my upholstery nail plans on this one. If it works I just saved $10, if it sucks I'm only out $10 ;)
In the Randomly On Sale section I picked up three shelves for $2 each. I'd been planning on buying Lack shelves but those are $20 each and math proved them hard to justify.
I wanted to buy these brackets for the shelves but they are slightly thinner than the one pictured and I thought it might look funny. I'm going to look around Depot deciding.
So this is all going into Future Living Room. Its going to be dark woods with silver/chrome accents and I'm picturing either a blue or grey couch. This is my inspiration shot although Future Living Room has white tiled floors:

Click to see larger.

I already have more wood than pictured here but this room incorporates everything I find soothing (minus that oddball wicker basket of nonsense). I love the rich panelled curtains and pillows. I love the glass lamps. I love that silver mirror. This room glows.

I'm leaning towards a grey/blue or grey/green combination in the room.

If I find grey couches the walls are going light blue. If I go for soft green or blue couches I'll get grey walls. If I end up with brown leather the walls will probably go blue.

I am beyond excited about this move. Its going to be someplace where I can never be forced to leave, I will have full creative control and best of all I am old enough to have expiremented with color and styles long enough to know what I appreciate in a home :)