Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Amazon, I love you

A friend was just telling me about having to drive into the city back in 2002 for a specialized gift. Parking for twenty minutes cost $10! Of course I asked if he'd never heard of Amazon!?

I remember when Amazon was a wee url on the big bad web. They first came out as an on-line bookseller trying to compete with They didn't have super incentives for new buyers, hardly offered anything for free and didn't have competitive pricing. I scoffed at the name Amazon for such paltry offerings.

Steady and true won the race though because all those sites I used to love in the early aughts are gone...expect, which will always be a favorite.

Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25, as we all know. This is pure genius because almost everything on their website starts at around $10 and by the time you factor in shipping you may as well buy some more stuff and get it all for $25 shipped.

They also offer a free month of Two-Day Prime shipping if you are a parent or child's caretaker. For every $25 worth of baby stuff you buy each month the Free Prime shipping is extended by a month.

If you are a student with a .edu e-mail address you also geta  free year of Amazon Prime membership for free. That means two day shipping on any order - regardless of its price! The catch is needing a .edu e-mail address. I went to a community college after getting my BA in order to get some computer certifications and my address there is a .com addy. Lame.

Amazon also does a pretty decent price of price-matching other websites. If you find something cheaper elsewhere, click the link on Amazon's page that lets you price match and the price is normally adjusted within 24 hours.

Most survey sites and swagbucks offer Amazon gift certificates as incentives as well.

For more info on Amazon and their price saving visit this url: Amazon coupon code


Della said...

Oh, yes. I am an Amazon-nite. I adore them for so many reasons. And since I'm a student and have a student email, I get free prime membership! You'd better believe I'm constantly taking advantage of that free two day shipping. Which is perfect for the textbooks I always forget to order. :)