Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Couchtastic Wishlist

I shouldn't be looking at couches until the move is closer (May 31 is the last day here) but my family was shopping and I tagged along.
We went to Bob's Furniture (prices are lower in-store) and I loved the interesting color, comfort and NAILHEAD trim of their Classy Couch line. Most nailhead furniture looks like it belongs in a cigar den or at least the 1900s but this set has a modern feel.
It even has trim behind the pillows:
I recently decided to rip off this nailhead trim design for the front doors of my future tv stand:

This would have been perfect if it came with some sort of chaise. While I want a beautiful couch I also want one that will last a few years and be super comfortable along the way. I like to read and watch tv from the couch so (unfortunately) it needs to be practical above stylish.

I don't want to get it an ottoman because I'm planning on having the Barcelona knock-off in the living room and it has an ottoman. Plus I have my heart set on matching the coffee table with the side table:
I like window shopping since it helps me narrow down what I like/dislike but it can be frustrating to be so close to perfection and not know where to go from there!
What I'm looking for in a couch comfort-wise:
  • Comfortable seat
  • Higher back (I'm a recliner)
  • Either a reclining seat or chaise (see reclining comment)
  • Nice armrests for when I decide to lay down
  • Preferably not leather as I like sitting in summer too
  • Easy to clean under
  • Silver or dark wood trim feet
  • Simpler lines without tassles or fringe ( I would have probably replaced the feet on this couch and had to overlook the roundish arms)
  • Tufting is acceptable
  • Interesting color or shade