Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blockbusters a Closing, Deals a(not really)bounding

My nearby Blockbuster is closing shop. Their last day is Sunday and current prices are:

$5 for pre-viewed dvds
20% off pre-viewed blu-rays
$14 for pre-viewed television boxsets
20% off new dvds
10% off new blu-rays
60% off batteries, headsets, candy and the assorted licensed crap the store sells

I bought Year One on pre-viewed blu-ray for $5.40 and the last Resident Evil on pre-viewed dvd for $5. Ironically most movies are cheaper on blu-ray than dvd.


Audra said...

The Blockbuster in my neighborhood is closing and has the previewed movies down to $3.99. I may hold out for this weekend and hope they go to $2.99 or lower.

This is the second Video store in my area to go bust in less than three months. The other one, sold all movies, even new releases for $5.00. That was the best ever.

I also picked up the last Resident Evil for me and Year One for my College Diva as she loves Michael Cera in a slightly nerdy obsessive way.

Anonymous said...

what blockbuster??? what area?