Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blockbuster bought out by DISH network

Dish Network Corp won Blockbuster Inc in a bankruptcy auction for $320 million, further broadening its business beyond satellite TV and setting up a possible showdown with Netflix. Source:

I don't know if they will become more competitive with Netflix but it seems like they can give cable providers a run for their money. Instead of offering $4 on demand movies they could offer Blockbuster streaming or via mail for a monthly fee and easily get people to upgrade.

I'd rather get Dish with Blockbuster integrated than Comcast with a separate Netflix account.


Alison said...

I was excited when I heard the news that my TV provider/employer DISH Network was purchasing Blockbuster. I've always been a huge fan of Blockbuster so to see them get a second chance makes me very happy! DISH and Blockbuster have already started some new promos as well, prices in-store for rentals have dropped and new customers who sign up for DISH Network can get Blockbuster by mail free for 3 months! I think it's a great deal! Check it out :)